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Making Costpoint work for you and your business needs can be a headache. Riptide’s Deltek Costpoint integration experts are a team dedicated to simplifying your Costpoint experience. Whether you’re currently a loyal Deltek customer, or just started using the products, our team is here to assist you and ensure your success.

We take a consultative approach with every engagement, setting clear objectives along the way for your unique implementation. Riptide shares 5 years of using costpoint to achieve efficiency and pass all DCAA required government audits. Our consulting team ensures that after our engagement is complete, you’re proficient in managing and owning your Deltek solution.

Automate your Spend Plans Outside of Costpoint

Create ETC’s outside of Costpoint and get active queries from Costpoint 7.

Improve efficiency by not being tied down to Costpoint.

Expand reviews outside of Costpoint.

Provide improved and automated project management forecasting with significantly increased accuracy.

Integrate and Create your Own Custom Dashboards

Integrate with Cognos 10 report studio for the ultimate reporting experience.

View multiple projects from the top level all the way down to the transactional level.

Easily integrated into your Costpoint instance and 100% owned by you.

Expand to other areas throughout Costpoint.

Examples of Deltek Work We’ve Done at Riptide and for Our Clients

Learn from our experiences from resolving numerous problems in Cognos Report with innovative and customizable work-around solutions.

Project Billing Modules

Created customized Project Billing modules that reduced time spent, improved customer clarity, and cut down time-to-pay by weeks.

Eliminate Duplicate Data

Completely eliminated all duplicate data entry using an enhanced AP process that was fully-integrated with new, advanced formulas in Google Docs.

Improved Reporting

Improved reporting, time-of-closing, and report accuracy with fewer resources.

Cost Pools

Created cost pools for each division for ultimate visibility within the organization.

BOM to Invoice

Created processes inside Costpoint Sales Order module for full life cycle from BOM to Invoice.

Detail Level Report

Created Cost Pools top level cascading down to detail level report in Cognos.

Analysis Reports

Created Cognos 10 high-level trending analysis reports for all divisions within the company.

Fixed Asset Module

Utilized fully-functional Fixed Asset Module with complete understanding and tracking of GFE.

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