Phishing Testing

Our phishing tests will result in your employees being more aware of cybersecurity threats that can affect your business.


A phishing test is essentially fake attacks that are directed towards your employees to determine what percentage of your organization is at risk of being “phished.” These fake attacks can come in the form of fake emails or landing pages that are sent to employees who may click malicious links to cause sensitive data to leak from their actions. 

The phishing test is a training opportunity that allows your employees to understand the dangers of phishing, and precautions to take in the future, without any of the real risk that can occur from being phished. 

Phishing Test

$ 199
Per 200 Email Addresses
  • Phishing planning documentation
  • Execution of phishing "scam"
  • Comprehensive results report


  • A phishing test will allow you to understand the risk phishing could have on your organization from employees clicking on malicious emails or web-pages.


  • Identify the vulnerable areas of your business.


Understand Organizational Risk

A phishing test will allow you to understand the risk phishing could have on your organization from employees clicking on malicious emails or web-pages.

Train Employees to be Phishing Pros

The phishing test exercise is a perfect training opportunity that will teach employees how to identify phishing, and the proper actions to take if they believe they are being phished.

Identify Security Holes

Not only will a phishing test help employees become more conscious of phishing, but also inform the business on additional security measures they can take to prevent phishing emails or web-pages from being accessed in the first place.


Why should you conduct a phishing test with us?

Our phishing tests go way beyond any free tests in the market. We take the time to understand your business, your concerns, and major requirements. We then put together a comprehensive phishing plan and execute alongside you. We’ll then provide you with a detailed report on the phishing results, and recommended training and steps to take to improve these results in the future.


Consult and Plan

We'll discuss your goals and requirements of the phishing test, and our team will create a comprehensive plan to execute.

Train Employees

We will coach you on getting your employees queued up for a phishing test - without telling them the test is about to happen.

Execute Phishing Emails and/or Web pages

Next, we will create, tailor, and send targeted emails to groups of employees in an attempt to trick them into engaging with the email.

Report on Data

Once the test is complete, we will compile metrics such as number of link clicks, number of employees who leaked sensitive data, and number of employees who successfully reported a phishing email.

Secondary Training

We'll work with you side by side to develop a follow up training plan to let your employees know that the test happened, the results of the test, and recommendations to improve.


Feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to assist you.
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